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Trekking and Mountain Royalty fees Pakistan

Trekking and Mountain Royalty fees Pakistan 2021

Procedure & Process:


a) Two types of Tourism Permits issued by Gilgit-Baltistan Council Secretariat in respect of foreign tourists for Peaks/Treks located in Restricted Areas of Gilgit- Baltistan:

Note: No Trekking Permit is required from GB Council to visit Open Areas of Gilgit- Baltistan. All Peaks above 6500 Meter require Permit from GB Council whether in Open Area or Restricted Area.

b) Documents Required:

• All applications for climbers/trekkers in respect of foreign tourists for the Peaks/Treks located in Gilgit-Baltistan are submitted in Gilgit-Baltistan Council Secretariat through designated tour operators registered with Department of Tourist Services Government of Pakistan including 7 sets of following documents:

  • Application from tour operator on their letter head
  • Application form for mountaineering expedition
  • Name list of members of expedition
  • Route map of proposed peak/trek
  • Passport copies of members of expedition
  • Visa application form (duly filled) of foreign climbers/trekkers
  • CV of Expedition members
  • Copy of license of tour operator company

Procedure and Process:

  •  After receipt of complete application from tour Operator Company, the same is forwarded to concerned departments/agencies for obtaining requisite clearances
  • Time required: 4-6 weeks as per existing Pakistan Visa Regime.

Pakistan Mountain Royalty Fees:

Depositing of Royalty Fees in Gilgit-Baltistan Council Account as per following detail:

  • National Bank of Pakistan S Block, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad Account # 1975-7
  • Zero royalty fee for peak upto 6500-M
  • 10% royalty fee on mountains situated in Gilgit, and Ghizer except on Spantik/Golden Peak.
  • 05% royalty fee on all peaks during winter season (December-February)
  • 40% Discount on royalty fee on all peaks except as mentioned in (i) & (ii) above as detailed below:-

Pakistan Mountain Royalty Fee for the Year 2021 (Amount in USD $)

S.No Height Of Mountain Up To 7 Member Team Each Additional Member
1. K-2 (8611-M) USD $ 7,200 USD $ 1,200
2. 8001 – 8500-M USD $ 5,400 USD $ 900
3. 7501 – 8000-M USD $ 2,400 USD $ 300
4. 7001 – 7500-M USD $ 1,500 USD $ 180
5 6501 – 7000-M USD $ 900 USD $ 120

Depositing of Waste Management Fees in case the area located in Central Karakorum National Park (CKNP) in the account of CKNP as per following

Bank Account detail:

Habib Metropolitan Bank, Jutial Branch, Gilgit
Account #: 6-02-86-20311-714-104814
IBAN Account #: PK91MPBL0286027140104814

Environment Fee/Waste Management Fee will be 68 US$ for each member of mountaineering expedition.

Trekking Fee will be 50 USD$ per person for one month for Treks situated in Restricted areas of Gilgit-Baltistan. However, 50 USD$ will also be charged as Environment Fee/Waste Management Fee per person for one month to be deposited in the account of CKNP as mentioned above.

Issuance of Climbing Permit:

After receipt of all clearances from concerned departments, Gilgit-Baltistan Council Secretariat issues Climbing permit after completion of following codal formalities by the concerned tour operator:

o Depositing of prescribed royalty fee
o Application to issue climbing permit
Expedition members insurance/ Undertaking by tour operator assuring rescue operation funds:
o Tourist guide / Liaison Officer insurance and porter insurance

Information regarding status of application, while they are being processed can be obtained from Tourism Section of Gilgit-Baltistan Council Secretariat.

Mountain Royalty fee in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan

Royalty Fee Rates:

Royalty Fee Rates 

(Rules and Regulation Edition – 1999)

Ministry of Tourism reduced royalty fee rates from time to time since 2002 in order to overcome the negative effects of 9/11 2001 incident and to promote adventure tourism in Pakistan. It is still being continued with the Existing 40% Discounted Fee


Height of mountain

Royalty fee, 7 Member

Each Additional Member


Height of mountain

Royalty fee

Each Additional Member

1 K2 – 8611m $ 12000 $ 3000 1 K2 – 8611m $ 7200 $ 1200
2 8001 – 8500m $ 9,500 $ 3000 2 8001 – 8500m $ 5400 $ 900
3 7501 – 8000m $ 4000 $ 1000 3 7501 – 8000m $ 2400 $ 300
4 7001 – 7500m $ 2500 $ 500 4 7001 – 7500m $ 1500 $ 180
5 6501 – 7000m $ 1500 $ 300 5 6501 – 7000m $ 900 $ 120

(Note) Trekking and Mountain Royalty fees Pakistan are set by the Government Of Pakistan at the beginning of every year.