Saltoro, Baltistan, Pakistan

#SALTORO is my native village, Pakistan’s highest and most legendary valley, the last human settlement before the walk up Siachen Glacier, Saltoro has some of the finest clean granite towers in Pakistan. This Valley is part of Baltistan.
Baltistan is spread over an area of 26,000 square kilometers - just right below the jagged and glaciated ramparts of the Karakoram. It was known as Tibet-i-Khurd - Little Tibet.
Saltoro a beautiful valley of the Shyok River is 110 km from Skardu and 5 hours by jeep. Many famous mountains, such as Saltoro Kangri,7742-M, K 12 7428 – M Ghent Kangri 7,401 Sherpi Kangri 7380- M, etc. are located here.