Rock Climbing

Pakistan is bestowed with the largest collection of the spectacular and lofty mountains in the world. It is here in Northern Areas that three magnificent mountain ranges on Earth; Karakoram, Himalayas and Hindukush make a rendezvous. In their fold these ranges boast off more than 720 peaks rising above 6,000 metres, including more than 160 rising above 7,000 metres, and five towering above 8,000 metres topped by the second highest peak of the world - the savage Chogori or K-2 (8,616m). Northern Areas and Chitral offer vast potential and opportunities for mountain related adventure sports and activities i.e., climbing, mountaineering, skiing, white water rafting etc and is rightfully claimed as paradise for mountaineers, mountain adventure seekers and nature lovers.Every year thousands of trekkers and mountaineers from around the world visit this fascinating region.

  1. Ogre 7,285 Metres(23,901 ft)
  2. Latok7, 145 m(23,441ft)
  3. Trango Tower 6286-m
  4. Shipton Spire 5900 –m
  5. Amin Brakk 5850-m
  6. Changi Tower 5820-m