Jeep Safari
Four wheeler visit to the Northern Area of Pakistan the most remote and unspoiled valleys, including their civilization, as a tourist visit these areas, one must find that the primitive days life style still exist, while going to these areas one has to go to the 8th wonder of the world (THE KARAKORAM HIGHWAY), it is unique, and the road was built by the Pakistan engineers in association with the Chinese Expert and technicians. The KKH completed in 16 years, it has been forced through some of the worlds toughest terrain. The road not only opens up the Northern Areas of Pakistan to trade and travel but also provides easy access to hitherto closed regions,connected by jeep and goat tracks.
  1. Deao Sai Jeep Safari
  2. Hindukush Karakuram Jeep Safari
  3. Punjab Cholistan Jeep Safari
  4. Shandur Polo Jeep Safari
  5. Kaghan and Swat valley jeep safari