Trango Tower 6286-m  

 Trango Towers, impressive and extremely difficult rock towers around the world,  hardest to climb, located on the north side of the Baltoro Glacier.They are part of the Baltoro Muztagh, a subrange of the Karakoram range.The Towers offer some of the largest cliffs and most challenging rock climbing in the world. There are two main summits in the central part of the group: Great Trango Tower 6286-M and Nameless Tower 6239-M on the north of the Great Trango .

Nameless Tower is a very large, sharp, rather symmetrical spire which juts 1000m out of the ridgeline. Trango Nameless Tower was first climbed in 1976 by the British Climber Mr. Joe Brown, along with Mo Anthoine, Malcolm Howells and Martin Boysen.

 Trango Group have the following peaks:
1- Kruksum (S)6650-M
2- Kruksum (N)6600-M
3- Trango Ri (II)6515-M
4- Trango Ri (1) 6452-M
5- Kruksum (E) 6300-M
6- Trano Ri (III) 6300-M
7- Trano Ri (IV) 6300-M
8- Great Trango (I) 6286-M
9- Nameless Tower 6239-M
10-Great Trango (II) 6237-M
11-Great Trango (III) 6231-M
12-Munk 6150-M 




Arrival at Benazir International Airport and Transfer to Hotel

Overnight in Hotel.


Briefing at Alpine Club of Pakistan Islamabad.

Departure for Chilas via Silk Rout, sight seeing all along the rout with the company of Indus river the longest river of Pakistan It flows from Tibet northwest across the Indian-controlled portion of Jammu and Kashmir, passing between the western extremity of the Himalayas and the
northern extremity of the Hindu Kush mountain range; it then courses generally south through Pakistan to the Arabian Sea.

Overnight in Chilas

Day-03-Chilas - Skardu: 

Drive to Skardu

Overnight at Hotel 

Day-04-Skardu - Askole: 

Drive to Askole. The last inhabitance on our way to the Great Glaciers outside polar region. . Overnight in tents.

Day-05-Askole - Korofong: 

Early morning first day of trek towards the high mountains of the world.

Day-06-Korofong- Jhola: 

A full day trek to Jhola,

overnight in tents.

Day-07- Jhole - Paiyu: 

Trek along the Braldu River towards the famous camping site among the trekkers.

Under the shadow of Paiju Peak 6611 M. Paiju - is a Balti word which means "SALT". From the Paiyu camp you can see the impressive Baltoro Glacier. Overnight in tents. 

Day-08- Paiyu - Trango Tower Base Camp: 

Start the trek early in the morning after the breakfast towards BC of Trango Towers.

Overnight in Tents.

 Day-09 to 21: Trango Tower Base Camp

Climbing start towards Summit. Length of  Climbing period depends on weather, fitness, and experience of the climber

 Day-21-Trango Tower Base Camp - Paiyu: 

Back to Paiyu. Overnight in Tents.

 Day-22- Korofong - Korofong: 

Early morning trek to Korofong. Overnight in Tents.

Day-23-Korofong - Askole: 

Back to Askole from Korofong. Overnight in tents.

Day-24- Askole - Skardu: 

Drive to Skardu, Overnight in Tents.

Day-25- Skardu - Chilas: 

Flight to Islamabad. If unable due to bad weather same day drive to Chilas.

Overnight in Tents.

Day-26- Chilas - Islamabad: 

Drive to Islamabad, overnight in hotel


De-briefing at Alpine Club of Pakistan and sight seeing tour of Islamabad and Rawalpindi city,

Overnight in Hotel


Transfer to Benazir International Aiport Islamabad for your onward destination.